Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Peyton is our little surfer girl for Halloween!

She really did enjoy her outfit....she was just worn out from all the fun we had.

Sorry for those who were excited for us to dress as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth. We decided to go with the Polynesian styles this year instead.

Oh my beautiful girls!!

Peyton already knows what's good for her!

Just like her daddy she likes Snickers

She was so excited to have so many wonderful choices

Chelsi did such a great job making Peyton this little sleeper.

Peyton is getting some chubby cheeks!!

Chelsi wanted to stand her up for the picture and as soon as I snapped it Peyton decided she wanted to share something with everyone.

Just waking up from a nap in the swing

Her little chicken legs and feet.

Peyton waiting to go to church

Peyton is so strong now, she is working hard to roll over.

She had just woken up from a nap so she has a little bed head.

She had enough pictures for one day and shewed us away

The cutest smile

A little blurry because she can't stay still when she is so happy

Hello everyone!

If I want to get any homework done this is how I have to do it these days when it is my turn to watch her so Chelsi can have a break.

Peyton doesn't really mind this. She usually falls asleep because daddy's homework is boring......even for him!

She is such a sleepy head

One afternoon I decided to read her a book, well as you can see she really enjoyed it.

You can probably imagine what she is up to with such a look on her face.

1 comment:

Sara said...

Ok, way too many cute pictures to comment on!

First of all... love the Hawaiian get up. Looks like you should be there instead of cold Idaho.

Chelsi did such a great job on that sleeper! I'm so jealous of your sewing talent! Now you can make matching outfits for the whole family.

Can't wait to meet little Peyton!