Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What a handful

The family together at Kevin's graduation.
Peyton's face says it all......"I'm feeling miserable." Peyton wasn't feeling well at all.
Peyton was worn out after a long day of crawling around. She had crawled down the hallway and took a little break.
When Peyton is extremely tired she gives in and relaxes a little to snuggle.
We had gone for a walk and stopped by a new dairy down the street and had some ice cream. Peyton loved it as you can see from it being all over her face.
Stunned Peyton after our walk and ice cream eating.
I finally caught her!!! This is the evidence I needed to convict Peyton of climbing and standing in her crib. There will be a video posted a little later of how she gets herself in standing position.


Henderson Family said...

Hey Chelsi and Kevin! Its Lisa, Marks Robers sister and John Hendersons wife. I found your blog from Chads blog. Its crazy how we are now kind of related and yet knew each other so long ago. Your little lady is SO cute! Happy Graduation...what are your plans now? Anyway, I just wanted to say his and tell you that I think Peyton is so darling. Hopefully there will be a fam reunion soon so we can all catch up!

Henderson Family said...

Oops sorry for that typo up above. BTW we have blog too but keep it private. If you want an invite just e-mail us at Take care!

Sara said...

Great pictures! And congratulations Kevin!