Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our trip to Utah

Peyton has inherited Chelsi and my shoe fetish. She really didn't have a chance anyway.
Our sleeping beauty in a basket of clothes. Actually, she just blinked, but is does look like she is sleeping.
This is the result of Peyton not doing her chores.
Kisses for Ellen!!
I am so cute!!
1...2...3...and the doll is down for the count. Peyton wins the wrestling match.

Peyton is growing up so fast....she already has a desire to drive.
Our little driver at the wheel.
If her cute little face won't attract the boys, this ride will.
Peyton is so hot right now.
I think she likes it!?!
Play time!!
Family picture on the Salt Lake Temple grounds.
Peyton was a little worn out and so she needed a time out to play.
Dad holding Peyton up against the Temple.

A little breeze came as soon as we took this one. Look at her little sexy legs!!
Chelsi captured this beautiful picture of the Temple.
Peyton all dolled up for the reception.
So beautiful the both of them.
Mom and Peyton having fun.


Michelle said...

What great pictures. Peyton is getting so big and so adorable.

Sara said...

Peyton looks like she's floating in one of those pictures. She's a cutie! When is your next trip to UT? Mason has been talking about "baby Peyton"

Sara said...

I need my Peyton fix. More pictures please!