Sunday, June 1, 2008

Photo Shoot

On Memorial Day, Chelsi and I decided we needed to make some rememberances of Peyton while she is still very young. We don't have any pictures of her hanging up in our apartment, so we ventured out to the gardens on campus. It was a cool, overcast, but perfect day to take some pictures while students weren't on campus to distract Peyton. We captured some amazing pictures and printed some out to hang on the walls of our home.

I downloaded a program that changes the picture to black and white and then allows you to add in the original color where you want it. This is our favorite and have it hanging up.

Chelsi took this one just as she let go of the tree and fell to the ground...unharmed, but a little dirty.

This is the original of the black and white photo.
Peyton crawling away at Porter Park.


Paul and Nancy Garner said...

She is so cute and is getting so big!! The pictures look great!Hope you are both doing well..we miss you!!xx

Sara said...

Wow! Great pictures you guys! Love love that first one!