Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer of Fun

Peyton munching on her favorite crackers
Peyton has plenty of sippy cups, but chooses to use a water bottle
Chelsi is babysitting for our friends. She is also preparing to handle two little ones soon
We decided to be a little crazy and spike Peyton's hair for church

Peyton loves whatever we are having and she has found a new favorite.....Oreo milkshake
A nice full belly of a yummy Oreo shake
She loves to crawl around on the couch
Timeout, timeout. I need a breather from playing
Peyton absolutely loves her little baby. She sometimes like to have it with her when she eats
So, we loved the crazy hair due, but the next week we toned it down a bit
This is by far our favorite way to do Peyton's hair.

She looks so much like Chelsi here
I love here hair all flippy on the sides

She loves to play with Kevin's football and basketball......she's going to be a little balla
Peyton found her books in her backpack
Don't bother me I'm reading, Mom!!!
Peyton was playing with the football and was standing over the ball and Kevin ran up behind her

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Sara said...

Oreo milkshake... mmmm. Can't blame her for loving it!