Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beautiful Hannah

Introducing Hannah....Naked to the world!!!
She is so tiny and still weighed more than Peyton.
Proud Daddy!!
Mom and Hannah bonding
Aren't they beautiful?
This picture makes her look so much more chubby than she really is.
All clean from her bath. Look at that head of hair!!
All bundled up fast asleep.
Absolutely adorable!!
So much hair...I think we will have fun styling it.
Chelsi looks so good and is such a wonderful mom.
I had to get a profile shot of her because of her spiked hair. Awesome!!


Mandee said...

oh my goodness... look at that hair! she is beautiful- i can't wait to see more pictures. and chelsea looks AMAZING! how can you look that good after birthing a child? seriously?

Sara said...

She has such great hair! And Chelsi, way to be a hottie right after having a baby. So far I have not allowed pictures of me after giving birth. It's just scary.

Oh, and I like your new blog heading.

Leslie Girl said...

YAY!!! She is here!! CONGRATS!!! She has some serious hair, I LOVE IT!!! Doesn't it seem like yesterday you were having Payton? CRAZY!!! I am SO happy for you Chelseh!