Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun with Family

We had the opportunity to have dinner at Kevin's brothers house this last weekend. Kevin's parents were in town for a couple of days and we enjoyed seeing them. Unfortunately we weren't able to get any pictures of them, but we did get some of the kids playing.

Peyton loved playing on the swing. I was afraid she was going to fall off, but she did a good job of holding on, and Kevin was by her every second!

I can't believe what a big girl she is becoming!

This is a broken teeter-totter. She had fun bouncing up and down on it!

Richards family has a little wiener dog and Peyton would follow it every where and try to feed it rocks. She would just laugh every time she saw Clifford (the dog)!!!

This is most of the grand kids, plus Kevin because Peyton just wanted to play on the swing. From left to right: Ryan, Caden, Corbin, Carsten, Peyton, Hannah, Emily, And Katelyn!

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