Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hannah Banana

These are some cute pictures of Hannah. She is getting so big, soooo fast!Surfer Cowgirl Hannah
She has such a cute smile

Just before bath time. You can't really get the whole effect with the diaper on,
but that would be inappropriate!

So here is a little peep show of what she looks like.
I love her rolls!

Kevin was having a little fun with her hair.
I love her face because she has no clue what she looks like!

Hannah and mommy. I love this little chunk!


Sarah said...

Chelsi! She is soo cute!! I can't wait to see her!

Leslie Girl said...

She is a Chunky Monkey...I LOVE it!!!

Sara said...

Hannah! Awww, I love that little girl too. She's gonna hate some of these pictures when she's older :)