Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oregon Camping Trip

Our camping extravaganza started with an all night drive to Portland. It was nice for the girls because they slept the whole time, but we were able to stop for a couple of hours and sleep too, for the most part! The girls did a lot better than we thought they would and it was nice to be able to make good time and just get there already!
Then a couple days later we headed out to the Oregon coast. Fort Stevens, to be exact. Now I don't remember all of the names of the places we visited, so Kevin might have to come on later and fix my descriptions. The camp sites were awesome and the beach was nothing like California. But I loved how green it was there. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Our first night we went to the beach. It was beautiful, but no California beach!

Mommy and Hannah

Peyton absolutely loved the beach. She kept putting the sand over her feet and wiggling it between her toes.

Hannah liked the beach too, although I didn't put her down because I didn't want her eating the sand.

So, instead, she tried to eat the pine cones!

Kevin's dad didn't last long the first day we were there!
Setting up camp is hard work.

Our camp site. It was really cool.

Peyton with her bucket and shovel from Grammy. She loved playing in the dirt, as you can see it is all over her face and it probably wasn't even 9am yet!

Hannah and Grammy

Kevin on the four wheelers. He loved it!

My turn!! It was actually really fun!

Kevin, Erick, and Steven

The family on the four wheeler

Chillin in the army jeep

I don't remember what this place was called, but basically an old army base thingy!

Peyton blowing kisses

"I'm free!!!" Peyton loved all of the space to run

Hannah had a really hard time with naps. Here she passed out on Kevin
The seals in Astoria, Or. They were pretty awesome and stinky!

The Astor Column

On top of the Astor column

Peyton Loved this bike. She got pretty fast at it too!

Hannah and Austin

In front of our tent. Thanks Erick and Lisa for letting us use it

The Jetty, pretty amazing

We saw a couple of whales too.

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