Monday, September 22, 2008

Peyton's 1st Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday Peyton!! We can't believe our little girl is 1!!
A free cake from Smith's we had done for Peyton to dig her little hands into and eat away.
Peyton playing with her new book from Grammy.
She loved all her new things from Grammy.
She especially loved her little bear.

She is giving her bear a kiss.
Her new dress from Grammy. She wasn't very happy to have it on because she wanted to play with her bear and look at her new books.
Peyton openning her first present at her party on Saturday, September 20th.

She really liked her little frog from Richard and family.

Peyton openning her present from Grandma and Bonkers.
She absolutely loves all her new books.
Peyton's new little kiddy table and chairs. I got it when I worked at Ace.
The table set came with X's and O's to play tic-tac-toe.
Peyton playing herself in tic-tac-toe.
Peyton with all her presents. I think she was a little overhelmed.
She loves to sit sideways in chairs. She is such a little lounger.
Getting ready to have some cake.
Proud parents of the cutest baby alive!!
We are singing Happy Birthday to her. She was even moving her mouth because we all were too.
Taking a swipe at the cake.
It's go time!
She didn't quite like all the frosting on her hands. She would put her hands together to try and wipe them off, but of course she was making it worse.
Nice big bite.

This was Sunday morning. She didn't have time to read her card at the party. She was so excited.
Peyton going in to kiss her mini doll while hangin out with her Gorilla.

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Sara said...

She totally scored on her birthday!