Monday, September 22, 2008

We're in Utah

We have moved in with Chelsi's parents for the time being until we can get our feet on the ground and save a bit of money. Peyton is getting use to her new surroundings and family. We are happy to be in Utah but miss Rexburg, or rather our friends and family in Rexburg.
Peyton is so cute. She now folds her arms for prayers and when we tell her that it is time to be quiet and reverent.
Peyton loves her spaghetti.

A fist full of noodles.
Peyton even has her own chore list now. We all contribute to keep the house clean.
Grandma is so happy Peyton is such a good little helper.
Relaxing with her baby in a little craddle.
Even though she is too big for the craddle, she loves to lay down and play with her baby.
At the park playing a little football with Dad.
Run Peyton, run.

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