Monday, September 22, 2008

Pictures at the Rexburg Temple

We decided to get some pictures of the Rexburg Temple on our last Sunday before we moved. Here are a few we took.
The Rexburg Temple from the backside.
Peyton loved playing around on the Temple grounds.
Dad and Peyton playing around.
Peyton running away from Mom.
Peyton would have rather been playing than get her picture taken.
She started to run away here and stopped when we told to to come back. This was her reply, nose in the air probably thinking, "whatever!"
What a cute family.
Proud parents.
Fun picture in the front of the Temple.
The Biehl's and the Bitner' friends forever!!
Gazing off into eternity.
Family of our favorites.
Peyton was a little tired and needed a rest.
Dad playing with Peyton.
Peyton loves her Daddy!!

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