Tuesday, October 28, 2008

American Fork Canyon

Because we had so much fun outside playing in the leaves, we wanted to take Peyton out again and get some more pictures of her playing in the beautiful fall colors. We went up through American Fork Canyon by Timpanogos Caves. She didn't cooperate very well with us because she was a little tired and just wanted to run off and do her own thing. Children these days.

We had just arrived and she was off as you can see me coming after her.
This was a very awkward pose for Chelsi and me, twisting around to face the camera.
Isn't she the cutest thing ever?!?!
She liked it when we piled the leaves on her.
This might be the best picture of the day. She loved to grab a handful of leaves.....
And if you look closely she also got a handful of dirt and threw it on herself.
We thought it would be fun to get a picture by the water...Peyton was getting restless.
She won this round....
Once she got her drink and coat on she was good to go.She enjoyed us sprinkling leaves on her head.
Can I eat them Mom?
The leaves were about to be dropped.

Want one? They're good!!
She didn't quite know what to think of this pile on her.
She then proceeded to throw them off of herself.
A couple of loud motorcycles had just passed by and she was a little stunned at the noise.

A beautiful view of some of the fall colors.

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