Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall is here!

With fall in the air, we needed a little reminder of summer. I recolored this picture and had them developed.
We went to Gardner's Village with Jennifer. This was our favorite....can you guess why?
Ohh, Witchy Poo!!

A fun witch flying on her bike
Peyton had enough of riding in her stroller so we got her out and she loved it.
Peyton is pulling me along with Katelyn pushing our stroller.
Peyton was on a mission pulling me around.
I love it when she holds my finger.
Peyton and Katelyn. Peyton was getting hungry and tired.
What a cute family.
Dad having fun with little cranky pants.
And she's freeeee!!
This was the second weekend in was starting to snow.
We bundled Peyton up and she loved it and was so curious about the white stuff falling on her.
She pretty much could care less how cold it was, she was outside playing.
Taking a breather.

Peyton ready for church and to brave the blanket of snow freshly fallen outside.
All bundled up.

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Sara said...

I love what you did with those pictures at Gardner Village. Peyton is so cute!