Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Trip to Wheeler Farm

We met up with Jennifer (Kevin's sister) and her two kids at Wheeler Farm. It was so much fun to see Peyton react to all the animals. She definately isn't affraid of animals and loves to be outside playing. Too bad it will be cold soon and time outside will be limited. With all this nice weather recently, we have decided to take advantage of what we can do with her outside.

We first went and saw the chickens and rooster. Peyton loved them.
By far the hit of the day......I think I want a little piggy of my own.

Unfortunately, the little piggies grow up to be like momma pig :(

Momma pig thought it was time for her babies to be fed, so she snorted for them to come and get it.
It was so fun to watch them fight to get some milk.I made a friend and it made me want one even more.
Peyton was loving every minute of the little piggies running and snorting.
This baby goat had the creepiest blue eyes.
I thought I would try out the tractor with Peyton.
Peyton is a natural at driving.
Peyton didn't like being put on the tree for a picture.
This was a funny one of Ryan and Peyton....they both didn't know what to do.
Face full of leaves.
Peyton loved to throw the leaves in the air.
I love this picture.
Hey Mom and Dad!!
She had some leaves in her hood and didn't like it.
I think she is casting a spell or two.
Throwing more leaves at her.
It is hilarious how Ryan is loving it and Peyton is miss grumpy pants.
Before we left we fed the ducks, and what an adventure. It was total chaos.
Peyton chasing it around.
Peyton with our backs turned thought it a perfect opportunity to run back to the pigs.

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